Termite Control


Termites are most closely related to cockroaches, with their acute survival instincts and amazing engineering capabilities including the queen, king, workers and soldiers, wherein the queen lays 1000eggs per day.

Most commonly found in the India is the subterranean termite, who find their way through small openings to your building. They are hidden threats as they damage the home relating to wooden fixtures or furniture’s from inside leaving few external signs of damage. If left untreated the termite colony which gets reproducing each day can damage a whole site leaving a repair to be impossible or more costlier attempt of rebuilding, or replacing for you.

Regular inspections may tend to identify the signs of termite activity or the structural damage, and our experts can provide you with the most suitable customized treatment plan required for the purpose of eradicating or any preventative techniques that can reduce the risks of damage. An Insurance can be availed against fire or other disasters, whereas your partnership with us will help you with the best possible option to protect your property against the future termite attacks.

Termite Treatment - Post construction

  Warrenty –1/2/3/4/5 Years*

* Warrenty depends upon the kind of infestation level, property condition and property structure.

Termite Treatment - Pre Construction

  Warrenty – 5/7/10 Years***

* Three phase treatment is recommonded for pre construction termite treatment. Warrenty depends upon how many phases followed.

SPECIAL TUBING (PIPING) TREATMENT OF TERMITE Life Time Termite Free (Maximum 35 Years *)

 Why Tubing Anti- Termite Treatment?

Termite Treatment through tubing system is designed to effectively treat the area under the floor marble/tiles. The tubing system is a network of underground pipes designed to inject anti-termite chemical uniformly throughout your home’s foundations .It involves lying of 16 mm pipe along the internal periphery of the building and center of the flooring using grid design. The end points of this network of pipes are joined at several Junction Boxes (Refilling points) outside property/walls.

The system has been designed to achieve a maximum level of 35 years.

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