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You home is the best place to invite friends and relatives for a gathering. At times there are several kids who come to your place and it is literally impossible to ask them not to clam on the sofa with their shoes not and not to have eatables on them and spilling on them. Therefore dry cleaning of sofa once in a while becomes a necessity. There are several cleaners whom offer cheapest range to dry clean your sofa and carpets.

DON’T” DOES - Many cleaners in the market use harsh chemicals and detergent such as Ezee, Surf Excel, General Shampoo to clean the sofa and the carpet which made bad effect to sofa /carpet material and also harmful for skin and health.
We provide safe cleaning using hygienic chemicals which are not harmful for your health.

PLEASE NOTE : Do not use the sofa or carpet for 1-2 hours after the clean-up. Allow it to dry completely.


  • Dry Vacuuming using vacuum cleaner to remove dust
  • Shampooing using biodegradable solution or imported liquid
  • Wet vacuuming post shampooing for removing dirt
  • Polishing is done for leather sofas also.
Sofa 300/- Rs per seat
Carpet 20/- Sq feet
Recliner 800/- Rs per seat
Dining Chair 150/- Rs per chair
Small cushion 50/- Rs per cushion
Big cushion 100/- Rs per cushion
Single Mattress 500/- Rs per mattress
Double Mattress 800/- Rs per mattress

Overhead /Grounded Water Tank Cleaning

Our focus is providing reliable solution for removing impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss, viruses and bacteria from tank. These services are ideal for underground and overhead water tanks can be availed at industry in leading price. We use modern equipment & tools to ensure the elimination of all the contaminants from tank.

Tools - We use tools like Surgical globs, Shoe cover, mask & caps ,Plastic Buckets, Scrubbers, Fresh Dusters & Towels, Small Wipers, Safety Caps for staff, Water Pressure Motor if needed, Vacuum Cleaner ,Herbal Hygienic Chemical for scrubbing tank, Herbal Hygienic Chemical for disinfecting tank & pipe


  • Empty the tank - The water that is stored in the tank should be drained out
  • Scrubbing of the tank- After empty the tank, clean the floors and the walls of the tank by manual scrubbing
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Disinfecting the tank and the pipe
  • Empty tank left for drying

Interior Deep Cleaning for Home

A haven for your dreams, aspirations, and memories, home is where the heart lies. The walls of your homes are silent spectators to endless laughter, joy and solemn moments. These beautiful memories, however, can be marred by dust and an overall unorganized environment. Just like when you come back to a messy bed after a long day at work, a disordered and unclean home can put you off from the best of moods. Coming back to a clean home after a tired day is truly a blessing. It directly correlates to your moods, feelings, and efficiency. But there is the problem of maintaining the house. It requires time and effort, both difficult to spare in today’s busy world.

Now, with our home deep cleaning services in Dehradun, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our expert team of cleaners is facilitated by our advanced cleaning gadgets for the desired, spotless results. We offer home cleaning services in and around Dehradun. We value your time and circle our work around your schedule, at your convenience!
We are just a click away. Book your wash now!


  • BACTERIAL SPRAY if asked


Do not use Interior for 1-2 hours after the clean-up

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