About Us


About Us

Welcome to the World of pest management solutions. We are one of the best pest control service provider with the huge market presence in the both commercial and residential market. We provide services like cockroaches termite, bed bugs, wood borer, rats/rodent, fly, mosquito, lizard, spider, mite,  spike control & other crawling insects.

We provide the environment friendly pest control solutions using smell free insecticides. Our chemicals are non toxic which are recommended safe for human beings. Our maximum chemicals are evaluated and approved by one of the credible organizations like CIB, RC,WHO PES,BIS, HACCP.

ECC HI Care provides “Integrated Pest Management solutions” for all pests. Client satisfaction is not just goal for us – it’s our job. We share a commitment to ethical, professional and environmentally responsible services. We guarantee you the highest standards of integrity and we focus not just on solving your immediate problem, but on earning your long term trust. We have skilled team to deliver the best result as committed and explained.

ECC HI CARE believes following norms of Pest management Industry. We provide solutions accordingly and also we request to client for a free inspection visit of their property to know the right level of infestation and kind of solution required. Call us to get rid of all kind of pest and definitely you will get effective and long lasting solution.

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